A house for a conglomerate farmer that is built in a community spreading peaceful fields.
Initially, there was a plan to fix the main building of about 270 years from the Edo period, but due to various problems it was decided to build a new neighbor in the neighborhood.
The current main building has been covered with tin, but I remember well that I was fascinated by the scenery of the roof which is similar to the ridgeline of the mountain when I showed the old picture.

The newly built plan also started a study from a simple house type with the impression of the main building, but I do not really like it. That's why the building was built in the best place as a residential land, because there were not enough land left.However, fortunately there was a design period for many years, so we were able to examine the optimal solution observing the condition of the site through one year and four seasons.Factors such as the bamboo forest spreading on the slope and behind it, the position where its distance and shadow falls, the relationship between the state of the gently tilted ground and the waterway flowing by the side, the height adjustment that does not prevent the solar radiation to the surrounding fields and how to capture the landscape While considering balancing and I divided the architecture into three gable-type bodies and converged to what they were connected to make it understand branches and leaves.

There are various sights in the interior space that gained emphasis on the external environment of the place, creating a deep depth in the space.In addition, the outside wall was baked by traditional methods and baked cedars that gradually changed facial expressions with wind and rain, and carpenters stretched it.Although it takes time and effort, it has beauty of aged deterioration and high durability which are not found in industrial products, and I thought that this material is a valuable material in this place.In addition, by painting the inner wall with aluminum paint of silver, it will copy the external green onto the inner wall.


森屋隆洋/Takahiro Moriya
構造/Structural engineer
諏訪部建築事務所 諏訪部高広/Takahiro Suwabe
木造/Wood frame
敷地面積/Site area
建建築面積/Building area
延べ床面積/Total floor area